Tactics & Applications

Basement Fire – Interior Attack


  • Use this tactic only if no exterior access is possible and use extreme caution when working above the fire. Work from as safe a location as possible.  Place roof ladder across floor to distribute weight if necessary.
  • Create a hole and insert AttackSpike™ directly down through floor into basement as close to the seat of fire as is safe to reach.
  • This effectively inserts a high-powered sprinkler head into the basement.
  • Flow water and observe fire conditions from a safe location. There is no need to man the tool if it is located above the fire.

Tool Configuration:

  • Standard length AttackSpike Nozzle with Mist Tip if within 6 feet of a foundation wall.
  • Standard length AttackSpike Nozzle with Shield tip if greater than 6 feet from foundation wall.
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