Rapid Deployment

Designed for single firefighter deployment, AttackSpikes get water on the fire quickly without delaying an aggressive interior attack.

Engineered Droplet Size

Engineered to produce large droplets to get to the seat of the fire and small droplets to absorb energy and cool superheated gasses.

Attic & Basement Fire Access

Flow water into attics, basements, cocklofts and void spaces without allowing any air into the space.

AttackSpike Nozzles in Action

AttackSpike Overview Video

See the AttackSpike Nozzles put to the test.  Watch video and thermal imaging from our R&D validation burns as well as acquired structure evolutions.

How it Works

Why does droplet size matter?

Large droplets have the mass and momentum to penetrate superheated gases and smoke to reach the seat of the fire.  This water coats walls, floors, ceilings and room contents stopping pyrolysis and cutting-off the fuel from the fire.  Water that reaches the seat of the fire also cools the fire, taking away a key leg of the fire triangle / tetrahedron.

Smoke is fuel – incomplete combustion, especially of modern furnishings, produces fuel-rich smoke conditions. Small droplets evaporate and rapidly absorb energy and reduce temperature while contracting the superheated gases in the compartment.

AttackSpike Nozzles produce a wide range of droplet sizes to reach the seat of fire and cool / dilute smoke. The Attack Tip is designed for a directional attack with larger droplets. The Shield Tip produces both large and small droplets for reach and cooling capabilities. The Mist Tip produces small droplets which cool the compartment and smother fire.

Flowing the right droplet size distribution onto a fire that is vent-limited, without allowing any additional air to enter, can rapidly cool and control the fire.  Flowing 18 to 23 GPM, AttackSpike™ Nozzles can knock-down and control the fire while additional crews arrive or initial crews prepare for an interior attack.

Engineered and Manufactured in the USA

New tools with proven capabilities

AttackSpike Nozzles make use of the well-proven concept of small-droplet piercing nozzles but are optimized for the North American Fire Service.

Small-droplet piercing nozzles have been utilized around the world and have been proven effective over the past several decades.  AttackSpike Nozzles make use of the basic concept but utilize a patent-pending tip design to optimize droplet size.  Flow rates and stream patterns are optimized for the larger rooms and buildings found in North America.  The nozzles are built with stainless steel bodies with hardened, replaceable tips and striking surfaces.

Nozzle Tip Options

AttackSpike Tip Options

Attack Tip

  • Directional attack with medium to large droplet sizes
  • Large droplets travel to the seat of the fire and coat fuels
  • Medium droplets provide cooling
  • Optimized for room and contents fires with a known seat of fire
  • Longest reaching AttackSpike™ Stream pattern

Shield Tip

  • Wide angle 180 degree coverage
  • Patent Pending partial impingement water jets create a large droplet size distribution
  • Widest range of droplet size to coat fuel, knock-down fire and absorb energy
  • Optimized for attic and basement fires where cooling hot gases and water reach are both important

Mist Tip

  • Radial stream pattern produces a curtain of fine droplets
  • Water mist fills the compartment, absorbing energy,  suffocating the fire and reducing temperatures.
  • Water droplets are small enough to become entrained in the air flow to the fire.  The inlet air flow brings water to the fire.

AttackSpike Length Options

5' AttackSpike™ Nozzle

The AttackSpikeXL is 5' long and is deployed directly from an aerial.  Designed to be mounted to the ladder, it's quickly deployed without stepping foot on the roof. Place the piercing end on the roof and utilize the striking surface to drive the AttackSpike™ into the attic.

AttackSpike™ Standard Nozzle

The standard AttackSpike is 29" long with a 4" striking block. This provides 24" to pierce the wall and clear any furnishings or cabinets on the other side.  The tool will also clear attic insulation when deployed from the floor below.

AttackSpike™ Applications

AttackSpike Nozzle Tactics and Uses

Attic Fires - Access Through the Roof

Use at standard 29" length AtticSpike™ from a roof ladder or a 5 foot AttackSpike™ from an aerial

Attic Fires - Access Through the Ceiling Below

The reach of the AttackSpike ensures you can push past high-R insulation and decking in attic spaces when attacking from below.

Basement Fires

An AttackSpike with a Shield Tip cools hot gases, dilutes smoke and reaches the fire.  Quickly deploy water from a safe location outside of the exhaust flowpath.

Room and Contents Fires

Get fast water on room and contents fires. In some cases the chauffeur can stretch and deploy an AttackSpike in minutes while crews stretch lines for an interior attack.

Center Hallway & Highrise

Protect the center hallway (and occupant means of egress) by applying water before breaching the fire room/apartment. Cooling the superheated gases reduces the amount of smoke that contaminates the hallway upon entry to the fire room.

Limited or Failed Water Supply & Long Response Times

Get water on the fire and buy time to search or await additional manpower or water.  At 20 GPM, an AttackSpike™Nozzle can control the fire for up to 20 minutes on a single 500 gallon tank.

Made in North America

We are an engineering and product development company founded to use fire science and research to improve firefighting tools and tactics.  Modern fuels, lightweight building construction and more air-tight buildings have changed how fast fires grow, flashover and respond to traditional tactics.  Our mission is to support the evolution of firefighting tactics by developing and manufacturing purpose-built tools.

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