Tabletop Live-Fire Training

Fire Dynamics Training Prop

Demonstrate fire conditions that are challenging to create during full-scale training evolutions.   Get hands-on with training objectives including:

  • Managing the flow path
  • Single compartment uni and bi-directional flow paths
  • Multi-compartment uni and bi-directional flow paths
  • Flow paths related to basement fires
  • The impact of ventilation on-grade, below grade and above grade
  • The impact of vertical ventilation
  • Thermal ballast
  • Flammability limits
  • The role of air in flaming combustion
  • Vent-point ignition

Quickly reset evolutions for high quality training

Hands-on Fire Dynamics Training

Alcohol-based fuel creates realistic modern (ventilation limited) fire conditions but burns clean, so training can take place in an apparatus bay and is not weather dependent.

Durable all metal construction allows you to reset and repeat evolutions quickly. Pyroceramic glass gives your students an inside view of the flowpath and fire behavior.

Want to start hands-on flowpath training? Speak with a Flashpoint Specialist

Manage ventilation and control the flowpath

Windows, Doorways and Roof Vents

  • Multiple compartments with windows, doors and roof vents give you the flexibility to simulate a wide range of scenarios.
  • The vertical compartment can be used to simulate a stairway, vaulted ceiling, or atrium.
  • The two horizontal compartments can be used to simulate bedrooms, stacked apartments or to create any other vertical fire extension scenario.
  • Open and close internal doorways and exterior windows/doors to control the flowpath.

How does alcohol create realistic modern fire conditions?

Live Fire Training with Clean Burning Fuel

  • Alcohol-based fuel creates realistic fuel-rich fire conditions but does not produce smoke when burned.
  • Most fires in buildings with modern furnishings are fuel rich and ventilation limited.  Just as plastics and synthetics pyrolize into flammable vapors, so does the alcohol fuel.
  • The fire dynamics created are the same as in modern fires, except that they change faster due to the scale of the model and alcohol fuel.
  • Fuel is available at most hardware stores and is not cost prohibitive.
  • The fuel load is held constant by the surface area of the alcohol trays, the duration of the fire is based on the depth of the fuel.

Train when and where you want

Train indoors, year-round

  • Train indoors where there is sufficient ceiling height and clearance to combustible items.  Apparatus bays or any high-ceiling space is feasible.
  • Shifting winds and high humidity can complicate fire dynamics demonstrations.  Eliminate those variables by moving training indoors.
  • Always maintain safe distances to combustible surfaces and practice good fire safety when training.

Monitor and Display Interior Temperatures

Measure Temperatures in Nine Locations

  • Place probe thermocouples inside via pre-drilled 1/8"
  • Observe fire conditions and temperatures change in real time as windows, doors and vents are manipulated.
  • Determine when/if the fire becomes ventilation limited.
  • Set-up for use with Flashpoint Temperature Monitoring System.

Made in North America

We are an engineering and product development company founded to use fire science and research to improve firefighting tools and tactics.  Modern fuels, lightweight building construction and more air-tight buildings have changed how fast fires grow, flashover and respond to traditional tactics.  Our mission is to support the evolution of firefighting tactics by developing and manufacturing purpose-built tools.

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