Tactics & Applications

Basement Fire – Exterior Attack


  • Break parging if present, and make a hole 6 in. above the foundation, in the band joist, with the HammerSpike, halligan tool or pick head axe.
  • Insert the spike with an Attack Tip at a downward angle (approx. 45 degrees) into the fire compartment if access is available.  If uncertain of the location of fire, utilize a Mist Tip.
  • Flow water and look for signs of knock down until steam production is apparent.  Monitor conditions with thermal imaging.
  • Commence interior attack when safe to do so.

Tool Configuration:

  • Standard length AttackSpike Nozzle with Attack Tip if access is available to fire compartment.
  • Standard length AttackSpike Nozzle with Mist Tip if uncertain of fire compartment or if direct fire compartment access isn’t available.
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