Tactics & Applications

Attic Fire – Gable Attack


  • Deploy a safely footed ground ladder or access from an aerial device.
  • Position on the windward side of gable if possible (the inlet side of the flowpath).
  • Placement: No closer than 1′ to the top peak, as centered as possible with consideration for stud spacing.
  • Use the SpikeHammer™, pike pole or pick head axe to create a hole in gable or penetrate an existing gable vent.
  • Insert the AttackSpike or AttackSpikeXL fully and flow water.

Tool Configuration:

  • Five foot length AttackSpikeXL™ Nozzle with AttackTip to suppress active fire in Attic.
  • Five foot length AttackSpikeXL™ Nozzle with Mist Tip to protect space from advancing fire.
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