Tactics & Applications

Attic Fire – Access from Floor Below


  • Use a thermal imager to locate the main body of fire.
  • Pierce ceiling with AttackSpike™ nozzle and flow water for approximately 1 minute looking for signs of cooling.
  • Shut down and quickly move in 6 inch increments piercing and flowing to ensure water distribution around insulation and other obstructions.
  • Continuously monitor with thermal imaging.

Tool Configuration:

  • Ordinary Ceiling: Standard length AttackSpike™ Nozzle with AttackTip to suppress active fire in Attic.
  • Vaulted / High Ceilings: Five foot length AttackSpikeXL™ Nozzle with AttackTip.

Ventilation Considerations:

  • Positive Pressure Isolation on the floor below / living compartment may be utilized because no major holes (flow paths) are created to the fire compartment.
  • Placing a smoke curtain in the doorway to choke the opening down to a square can improve PPV application.
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