Tactics & Applications

Center Hallway and Highrise


Maintain control of center hallway to provide a significant tactical advantage.

Minimize smoke and heat in the center hallway to:

  • Better support sheltering in place
  • Expedite victim evacuation and minimize exposure to victims
  • Minimize damage to the building



  • Connect the AttackPack to an 1¾ in. feeder line from the standpipe on the floor below the fire.
  • Advance the AttackPack to the fire floor and stretch the two structural 1 in. lines.
  • Place a SmokeStopper on the door of the involved compartment.
  • Pierce the wall / door using a HammerSpike or halligan.
  • Place spike as high in the compartment as possible.
  • Flow water and utilize thermal imaging to look for knock-down.
  • Water application will reduce temperatures and will contract superheated gasses enabling access to the compartment while minimizing the impact on the center hallway.


Tool Configuration:

  • Standard length AttackSpike™ with Shield Tip
  • Standard length AttackSpike™ with Attack Tip when a long reach is required
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